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Yanshuf is comprised of non-professional adult winds players in Israel. It was founded in April 1998 by Brenda Alony and in 2000 became an official non-profit organization, organized by Brenda, Linda Rand and Itzik Dekel with the help of Shlomo Almog and Ami Zehavi.

Yanshuf ‘s goal is the promoting and organizing of musical events for wind instruments where members and their guests can play together. We also involve strings players and pianists but the emphasis is on wind instruments in all ensembles

Members of Yanshuf come from different professions, backgrounds, ages and levels of mastering their instruments. We are all united by our love of playing chamber music. We play music in different ensembles – duets to nonets and more – at different levels of complexity

The activities that Yanshuf promotes are, among others:

  • Organizing weekend and one day workshops. We enjoy professional coaches that work with us during the workshops. We often have inspiring lectures during evenings after music sessions. A weekend workshop also typically includes a concert  by our coaches and sometimes concludes with a concert for guests performed by the workshop participants.

  • Informally we have also short play-in events at members’ homes. This is appropriate for small groups where members live close to each other.

  • Yanshuf possesses a sheet music library that is available for Yanshuf members.

  • Yanshuf is affiliated and supported by ACMP the Associated Chamber Music Players.

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